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Transfer/ Ambulation

Whether your loved one requires assistance in getting out of bed, moving from a chair to a wheelchair, or room to room, he/she will need of the assistance of a professional caregiver. One who is aware of the movements and techniques for safe transfer and ambulatory movements in order to avoid hurting the patient’s back. At Volver A Casa, we offer professional and licensed caregivers that will help your loved one move from place to place in a safe way while you are away from home. Trust our caregivers and give us a call to see if your loved one qualifies today.

  • Non-ambulatory movement from one stationary position to another on the bed or chair, not including carrying
  • Adjusting or changing the client’s position in a bed or chair (positioning)
  • Assisting in rising from a sitting to a standing position
  • Assisting in positioning for use of a walking apparatus
  • Assisting with putting on and removing leg braces and prostheses for ambulation
  • Assisting with ambulation or using stairs
  • Standby assistance with ambulation
  • Assistance with wheelchair ambulation
  • Providing standby assistance