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Medication Assistance

Many senior citizens struggle with health problems that threaten their ability to live on their own after they leave the hospital. Many times, the doctors, nurses and in some cases, social workers, perform a geriatric assessment in order to plan their living arrangements. The caregivers of Volver A Casa are highly qualified to provide the patient with their prescribed medication in a cautious manner. We will make sure that your beloved one has taken the necessary and strictly recommended medication by your physician. Rest assured that your loved one will be feeling better in no time with our care and professionalism.

  • Reminding a client to take a medication at the prescribed time
  • Opening and closing a medication container
  • Pouring a predetermined quantity of liquid to be ingested
  • Returning a medication to the proper storage area
  • Assisting in reordering medications from a pharmacy
  • Administration of any medication when the client has the cognitive ability to direct the administration of their medication and would self- administer if not for a functional limitation