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House Keeping

Volver A Casa understands the importance on keeping the patient safe from any possible infection and this is why our caregivers provide housekeeping service in order to maintain their homes clean and free of germs. Our caregivers will perform tasks such as washing dishes, maintaining the kitchen and other surfaces clean by using authorized cleaning products and cleaning the bedpans and commodes on a regular basis. Feel relieved that your loved one will not have to step out and endangered themselves with a fall. Our caregivers will be in charge of waste disposal as well. With Volver A Casa, our patient is our priority.

  • Cleaning up after the client’s personal care tasks
  • Emptying and cleaning the client’s bedside commode
  • Cleaning the client’s bathroom
  • Changing/cleaning the client’s bed linens and making the client’s bed
  • Cleaning/vacuuming floor of living areas used by the client
  • Dusting areas used by the client
  • Carrying out the trash and setting out garbage for pick up
  • Cleaning stove and counters
  • Washing the client’s dishes
  • Defrosting/cleaning refrigerator inside and out